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The Best Way to Help Pro-Life Donors Find You

There could be pro-life donors in your area who don’t know about your pregnancy center. 

Pro-life supporters have been looking to get involved after the overturn of Roe v. Wade to help women in unplanned pregnancy situations. As they’re searching for organizations to get involved with, you want to ensure your center is very easy to find.

Here are five ways to help pro-life donors find you.

  1. Have a Donor-Facing Website

While it seems more budget-friendly to have one website to serve both clients and donors, having two websites is much more effective. This allows you to cater to each unique audience with the most impactful messaging and appear in relevant internet searches.

You can also showcase more details about how to get involved and join your email list, along with upcoming events, current needs, and your donor social media channels.

  1. Optimize Your Donor-Facing Website

Having a donor website is half the battle. The second half is optimizing your website for frequently searched donor keywords. You can use tools like Google Trends to find out what terms potential donors are searching for across the United States and in your specific area.

Google Trends also has comparison capabilities. See the example below:

Once you determine the keywords you want to target, you can add them to your website pages and write regular blogs about them. This will help improve your search results page rank for those specific keywords.

Following best practices for backend optimization, such as improving your website speed and updating meta data can also help donors find you in search engines.

  1. Build Your Social Media Presence

Many donors spend time on social media platforms like Facebook. If you don’t have a donor-facing page already, make sure to create one. It’s free! 

 Aim to post to it at least three times a week to share your heart and your mission. Give donors opportunities to donate online by including your donation link. By crafting content your existing donors will be willing to share with their followers, you will also expand your reach to potential donors.

If you want to reach an even greater audience, you can launch an ad campaign through Facebook to appear to pro-life donors during their Facebook leisure time.

  1. Add Your Pregnancy Center to Google Maps

If you haven’t done this already as a part of your client marketing, add your pregnancy center to Google Maps (also known as Google My Business). This will help your center appear in local search results for donors in addition to clients.

This should be set up as your official center name, not your donor-facing or ministry name. This is because the address will be the same, and you do want this to be mostly used for client reviews and reaching abortion-minded women. However, ensuring you’re on the map will help donors find you when they type in “pregnancy centers near me.” 

If they find your client website and contact you, you can reach out and direct them to your donor website and share related information.

  1. Form Church Partnerships in Your Area

Churches are excellent referral systems for connecting pro-life church members to your center. They also could be willing to donate a portion of their donations to your ministry.

Forming strong church partnerships in your location is a great way to help pro-life donors find you. You can ask them to show a video to their congregation on Sanctity of Life Sunday, or supply them with pamphlets or bulletins to have on hand if church members desire to get involved. If you have a baby bottle campaign each year, expanding your church network can help you raise even more funds.

Help Pro-Life Donors Find You Faster

We understand how busy running a pregnancy center can be. 

If you want to help donors find you faster by taking action today, reach out to us for donor marketing services. Our team can build, update, or launch your donor website, donor social media, and ad campaigns. We also offer a variety of videos you can use in your donor marketing or share with your church partners.
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