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How To Make an Account

Creating an account allows you to view and purchase all of our videos. This includes purchases with your video bundle credits.

Most pages with products will prompt you to create an account or log in to view prices. You can navigate to this page to create your account now.

Fill in the form, hit submit, and then check your email to verify your username and update your password. After you click the link in that email, you’ll be prompted to create a secure password and log into your account.

After creating your account, your information goes through a verification and approval process through one of our team admins. Once approved, you’ll be able to view any of our videos, make video purchases, save favorited items to review later, keep track of bundles purchased, and more.


Why do I have to create an account to view your videos?

We decided to add this extra security measure to our website to protect our products and pro-life assets from people who are not pro-life and may have ulterior motives for accessing our videos. Thank you for going through the one-time process of creating and verifying your account!

If I already have an account will I have to create a new one?

If you already have an account for the Choose Life Promo website, you will be able to log in as before. You do not need to create a new account.