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How to Get People to a Pro-Life Event

While you can spend endless time and energy planning the best pro-life event, if no one shows up, it won’t be successful. 

Inviting people and ensuring they will RSVP “yes” and attend requires skill, timing, and the promise of a great time. Here are three ways to ensure this happens.

1. Create Your Promotional Plan

All the behind-the-scenes details matter. Name tags, prizes, handouts, tables, t-shirts, and so on require time and planning. But, we encourage you not to forget about your promotional plan.

You can use a variety of methods to advertise your pro-life event. Using traditional and local tactics can be highly effective. Publish your event in a church bulletin or newsletter, or mail out personal invitations to your donors. Local awareness is your very first step.

Secondly, engage using your digital communication channels. Add the details of the event to your e-newsletter, email campaigns, and on your donor website. Make sure you’re posting about it regularly on your donor social media, and even create a Facebook event page for ongoing communication.

You know what will work best for your organization and your community, but timing is key.

2. Strategize Your Promotional Timing

If you advertise too soon, your event could get lost in the shuffle. If you advertise too late, your potential attendees may have already made other plans.

While you might be planning a year in advance, begin promoting your event a little over a month ahead (6 weeks). If you’ve tried six weeks ahead and think it wasn’t enough time for your unique donor base, aim for eight weeks. 

You can start with an announcement or save the date of your event, then ramp up promotion and messaging as you get closer. 

Your messaging could also change over time. A few weeks out, you might also begin communicating with attendees to get them excited and let them know key details to ensure the event runs smoothly. 

3. Plan an Exciting Experience

Think about the event experience through the minds of your potential attendees. 

Is this event something to get excited about? Would you want to invite your friends and family to enjoy it with you?

As you plan, think about details that could set your event apart. 

Here’s a list to consider:

  • Live music or a DJ
  • An excellent or well-known speaker
  • Opportunities for family fun
  • Delicious food, perhaps catering from a local favorite
  • Exciting prizes 

The list could go on. Whatever extraordinary details you land on, make sure to highlight them in your promotional plan. Put them front and center because they will draw even more registrants.

The Mission at the Heart of Your Event

While #1-3 are critical to making sure people attend, the pro-life message and mission will be at the heart of your event. Those who come will truly care about saving unborn lives and serving women in need.

For many, this will be the real draw and the reason why they register. The others are logistics and icing on the cake to make it even more successful and ensure people come.

Promotional Videos & Fundraising Support

Choose Life Promo has a variety of videos for you to use when advertising pro-life events, including your Walk for Life. Videos can trigger an emotional response that static advertising cannot, making your advertising more effective.

We also offer custom video services if you want something extra special to promote your event.

If you’re about to plan a significant pro-life event or banquet and want a professional fundraising team, Choose Life Marketing has a team of fundraising specialists who can help provide expert consulting services.

We hope your pro-life event raises the most funds possible to advance your pro-life mission!